Projects Module


Module Overview

The very essence of web2Project is the ability to effectively manage projects. The Project Module is the foundation for Task and the heart of the system. Almost every other module in the system uses the project module in some sort of capacity to pull or share information.

Projects List Page (Projects Index Page)

When you click on Projects from the menu it takes you to the Projects List Page, also referred to as “The Queue”

The Project Queue contains a number of filters, tabs and options that you can use to help control your workflow.

At the top of the page is a filter to search for projects in the queue. There are also two other dropdown filters that allow you to filter projects by company, department or owner. This is helpful when you have an abundance of projects and you need to narrow your results.

Below the filters are a set of tabs. These tabs are designed to help you control a projects entire lifecycle from beginning to end. You can customize most of these tabs in the System Administration lookup Values.

Each tab contains a table where projects are listed. Each row represents a project, and each column contains useful information about the project at a glance.

Projects View Page (Projects View Page)

Clicking on the projects name in the projects list takes you to the project view page. This page displays important information about the project and other elements related to it.

The first window contains six (6) main sections.

At the bottom of the project view are sub-tabs. These tabs represent other modules that are associated with projects. The amount of tabs that appear here depend on what modules are active via the system administration.

By default the tabs shown here are:

Projects Add/Edit (Projects addedit Page)

The most common way to add a new project in the system is to click on the “new project” button in the project queue.

The Add/Edit Project Interface is where you add or edit projects details. This page contains a short forum with control elements that you can set for your project.

From this page you can: