Module Building Guide

The goal of this section is to document a clear, repeatable way for developers to create modules to supplement and enhance the operation of the web2project system. There are numerous code samples included because showing is often more important than explaining. As certain non-core functionality becomes standardized, some of it will be added to the core system itself. This will not only simplify Add On development but also make sure that all modules adhere to the same standards and logic flows.

Failure to follow the recommendations in this section will lead to poor modules, brittle code, security vulnerabilities, and even bad hair days. None of these are pleasant.


To see the details of this guide in action, check out the Todo Module as an example.

Table of Contents

Extending the System

Hooks are how we extend the system by allowing you to connect into specific processes and actions in standard, consistent ways with minimal effort without modifying Web2project core. This ensures you can accomplish what you need and your modules remain compatible through Web2project upgrades.

Available Since v3.0 (September 2013)

  • Workflow Hooks (pre-create, post-create, pre-delete, post-delete, pre-load, post-load, pre-store, post-store, pre-update, post-update)

Available Since v1.1 (September 2009)

  • Calendar Hook
  • Cron Hook
  • Search Hook