Calendar Module


Module Overview

The Calendar module provides the users with interfaces to manage the Tasks and Events in a chronological way. On this module you will find Year, Month, Week and Day displays of Tasks and Events and also the possibility to filter them accordingly.

View Years (Year View Page)

The Yearly view gives the user an overall view of the Year calendar and color codes the days depending on the existence of Tasks and/or Events.

It’s not uncommon to have events or task that last more than a calendar month. In addition you may want to be able to recall what your schedule looked like for the year. The year view gives you the option to view your intire schedule for the year.

From the Year View you can:

View Month (Month View Page)

The Monthly view shows the user which Tasks and/or Events are scheduled for each day in the Month.

Generally when you create an event or task in the system, this will create links within the calendar dynamically showing you the start and finish dates within that month. Each link in the calendar is dynamic, so you can click on it and it will take you to the details of that object. This is particularly useful when you want a snap shot view of what’s on the agenda for the entire month.

Depending on how the administrator has the system configured, you can use filters to view calendar details for other Departments or Users, in addition to your own.

From this page you can:

There are effectively two ways to move forward and backwards in time.

View Month w/ tool tip (Month View Page)

Besides the information shown on the Monthly Calendar if the user hovers the items on the Calendar it will give the user a complete overview over the data on a form of a tooltip.

The main advantage of this tooltip function is that it displays the details of that event so you do not need to click down to a lower view. This is useful for designers or managers who need to view information on the fly.

View Week (Week View Page)

The Week View page gives a week perspective of the Tasks and Events set for a given Week.

One area identified by some companies as a standard best practice is to view your task and events that are active for the week. In addition, if you are a designer and you wish to collaborate with another designer on a project in the system, you can use this view to see what their schedule looks like before including them as a resource.

From this page you can:

View Day (Day View Page)

On this interface the user will be able to see what is going on, on a given date as well as the Tasks and Events set for that date considering the available filters. You will find two tabs, one with the Tasks to be done on that date and another with the Events set for that date.

The day view is probably one of the most detailed views in the calendar. By default it will list events you have scheduled for that day in 15 minute time intervals.

From this page you can:

Clicking on a day within any of the calendars on the right hand side will take you to the day view for that month.

View Today’s Tasks (Today’s Tasks Todo)

Here you will be able to see the Tasks that were defined to be done on this date. There is a set of filtering options you can use to fine tune the Tasks displayed.

The task tab is located next to the events tab in the day view page and displays useful information and control options designed to help you better manage your task for that day. In order to have task you need to establish a project (Insert link to project details)

The main focus of this page allows you to:

To change the status of a task, select the option from the dropdown and click “Update Task”

Task are color coded and this is usefull for tracking a projects life cycle. You can see a legend for the colors below the task list.

From this page you can also move forward and backwards in time by either clicking on the arrows located at the top or by clicking on a calendar day from any calendar shown on the right side.

View Today’s Events (Today’s Events Todo)

This tab will show the user the Events marked for the given date depending on the existing filters.

Event add/edit page (Event add/edit)

With this form you will be able to create or change Events. You can invite other users to those events and make sure they get notified by email about those Events.

Events can be associated with projects, task, meetings, or anything else relative to your daily workflow. You can access the add/edit events page from the Day View.

How-to use this page: