Files Module


Module Overview

The File Repository in web2Project is a well organized dynamic module for maintaining your assets that are associated with Projects, Task, or the Calendar. The files module appears in the main navigation by default, but you can also access files via projects, project designer, and task.

In the web2Project file repository you can:

View Files List Page (Files Index)

When you click on the “Files” link from the main navigation menu you will see the Files List by default.

The files list page contains a number of tabs that are designed to help you better associate your files within a category. You can define these tabs to meet your own needs from within the System Administration Lookup Values.

On the upper right hand side of the page are two buttons. The first button is used to add a new file to the repository, and the second button is used to add a new folder. Next to those buttons is a filter that you can use often to filter the view of your files.

The default view of the files repository contains a table that lists the files currently in the system along with some additional information.

Files Add/Edit (Files addedit)

To add a file to the file repository do one of the following:

  1. To add a file via the main repository click on “Files” in the main menu, then click the “New File” button located in the upper right corner.
  2. To add a file via a project click on the Files sub tab from within the project view page. If folders exist, click on the last icon on the far right side

Note: If you hover your mouse over the icons a tool tip will appear telling you what function that icon serves.

The add file page contacts a number of form elements that you can use to manage your files.

Files Folder Explorer (Folder Explorer)

The folder explorer in web2Project allows you to view files that are specific to that folder. You can also perform a number of functions within this view that you can do in the main file list.

To access the folder explorer simply click on the folder name in the File list page.

The icons on the upper left allow you to:

The icons on the far right allow you to:

Files Folder Add/Edit (Folder Addedit)

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To create a new folder in the main file module click the “New Folder” button in the upper right.

To create a new folder from the project view page click the files sub-tab, then click on the green plus icon in the table.

Note: To delete a folder click on the red X icon, to edit the folder click on the disk icon.

The add folder page allows you to: