Forums Module


Module Overview

One of the simple ways to improve tracking of your Project is to ensure that all relevant discussion, communications, etc are attached to the Project. To make this process easier, Web2project has a simple threaded forum system built-in. It is not as advanced or flexible as some systems such as phpBB or vBulletin but since it is part of Web2project, it will automatically have the same look and feel in addition to all the security and permissions benefits.

The Forum Module in web2Project is an optional added feature designed specifically to help improve communication and collaboration.

Create or Edit a Forum (Forums Addedit)

To add a new forum click on “Forums” in the main menu, then click on the “New Forum” button in the upper right.

The Add Forum page contains a simple form that you can use to create a new forum.

Form this page you can:

Forums List Page (Forums Index)

The forums list page shows all the available forums in web2Project. From this page you can:

Forum / Thread Watch

The most important aspect of the entire Forum module is the ability to set “Watches”. When an individual sets a watch on a thread or an entire forum, Web2project will automatically notify them each and every time there is a new comment. This ensures that the relevant information gets to the interested people as fast as possible with minimal effort.