Join the Team

Note: Any Team Member may be removed at any time by any Administrator, whenever the Administrator judges harm is being done to web2Project. The Administrator must explain the decision to all Team Members immediately.

“How do I join the Team?”

It’s the most common question we get. People ask it via the forums, via email, via the phone, via IM, and probably more and other ways I have simply forgotten about. So here are some tips to joining the team:

When it comes down to it, we’d rather have a small, cohesive team that actively working together, appreciates challenges, and wouldn’t mind getting together over a tasty beverage as opposed to a huge team that looks impressive but doesn’t really accomplish anything.

Membership Voting Procedures

Provisional Team Member vs Team Member vs Administrators

You’re asking: So what’s the difference?

Realistically, there’s not much:

Current Team as of 31 March 2016