Companies Module


Module Overview

The companies module lets you provide information regarding the organizations or entities for which you will be doing Projects or will serve as a way to organize the projects and its human resources.

Companies may have a tree of Departments associated with it, as well as a multitude of Contacts and Users (people that can log in the system and be assigned to tasks). The default company module in web2Project not only allows you to add or edit companies, but you can also classify them according to company type. You can also see what users belong to that company,current active projects, archived projects, departments, users, contacts, events and Files.

Create a Company (Add/Edit Page)

This page is used to either add a new company to the database or to edit information relating to an existing company. You will notice the drop down which provides an easy means of selecting a company’s country and includes the proper ISO listing of each.

Typically adding a new company is done by the system administrator.

To add a new company in w2p:

  1. Click the companies tab in the menu
  2. In the index of the company page click on “new company” in the upper right corner

The add/edit company interface is generally straight forward. From this view you can go back to the companies’ list page, go back to your previous page or enter the data and submit to the database.

View Company Detail (Detail Page)

This page shows the user the data related to each company, like its active projects, the contacts and users related to each company and depending on any extra add-on modules it can also provide extra information. It displays a view of the company in a static format and provides links, via tabs, to other functions related to the company being viewed.

To view a companies details:

  1. Click on the companies tab from the main menu
  2. Search for the company you wish to view by there using the filters at the top of the index page or selecting one of the tabs.
  3. Click on the company name in the company name row.

The company’s detail page highlights important information about the company you selected. From this page you can:

  1. Go Back to the company list
  2. Edit this company
  3. Create a new company
  4. Create a new Project for this company
  5. View company information
  6. View active projects
  7. View Archived projects
  8. View Departments
  9. View Users
  10. View Contacts
  11. View Events
  12. View Files

Active Projects

The active projects tab contains dynamic links which allow you to click on a project to go directly to the projects details. You can also see who owns that particular project, the date it started, its current active status and its budget.

Archived Projects

The archived project status page allows you to view the name of the projects archived, and the owner. Clicking on the projects name will take you to the projects details.


From the departments tab you can view departments within that company and see how many users are assigned to that department. You can also click on the “New Department” button to add a new department to that company. Click on the department name to view the details for that department.


The users tab lets you view all the users assigned to the company. From this tab you can view their user name and real name. Click on the user name to view details about that user.


Companies can have contacts in addition to users. Contacts can be used for a number of benefits. From this tab you can view the contacts name, email, and department. Clicking on the contacts name will take you to the contacts details. See the contact module for more information.


If you have created events in the system and associated them to a company, you can view the events related to the company here. This view will show your the date and time of the event, Type of event and event details.


You can add files to any project or task. When you add a file to a project or task, those projects will show under the files tab. From this tab you can view the folder structure, files and file type. Click on any file to download it.

List Companies (List Page)

On this page the user can see the list of Companies which he is permitted to see. This list is divided by tabs and the user can choose each tab for each company type defined by the System Administrator. The list can be filtered by Company Owner or the user can type a search string to fine tune his search.