Departments Module


Module Overview

Departments are simply groupings within a Company. There can be an unlimited number of departments for any company and departments can have sub-departments. Since a department is so similar to a Company, it has many of the same fields and is treated in an almost identical manner. Since a Department has no meaning without a parent Company, the Department module should only be accessed through the listing on a Company’s View page.

Note that the module is disabled by default, and must first be enabled. To enable the departments module:

You can assign multiple departments to a company, and multiple contacts to a department. Using departments is another added benefit in helping you manage your contacts and projects.

When you click on the department tab in the view company page you will see a list of available departments. From this tab you can:

Create a Department

To add a new department to a company you must first be in the View Company Page and click on the department tab, then click the “New Department” button.

When adding a new department you must enter a department name. The rest of the fields are optional, but as a best practice its always a good idea to be as descriptive as possible.

From this page you can: