Project Designer Module

Project Designer

Module Overview

The Project Designer Module was designed in web2Project as a means to streamline your daily workflow in part because it contains all the main minimum resources needed to effectively manage your [[project]] on one page.

It is a panel based interface rather than the core tab interface and it reduces the need to click multiple tabs to accomplish something. In addition its work area is somewhat customizable, and you can perform multiple actions at once.

For example, you might have a project that needs multiple Tasks. Rather than use the core task interface, you can use the project designer to add multiple task with different names at once.

The Work Area

By default the Project Designer Module work area contains six (6) panels which you can expand or collapse.

To expand or collapse panels do one of the following:

In addition to expanding or collapsing the panels, you can save your view preference by clicking on the disk icon in the upper right corner. When you save this view, it will be the default view every time you open the project designer.

From this page you can also:

Projects Panel

The first panel is the projects panel. This is the same is the core project view page and shows detailed information about the project and its overall scope.

Gantt Chart Panel

The second panel is the Gantt Chart for this project. It shows all the task for this project in a date view timeline. For more information on web2Project Gantt Charts see core modules.

Task Panel

The third panel is the task panel which displays a list of task for this project regardless if you used the project designer to create the task or not.

From this view you can:

Actions Panel

The actions panel lets you change important elements related to your task. In addition, you can change the elements of multiple task at once.

To change the properties of a task or multiple task you must have to task panel open, and click that task checkbox on the far right side of that row.

Once you have the task selected choose from a number of options in the actions panel

Once you click the update button, all the task you selected in the task panel will update all at once.

Add Task Panel

The add task panel allows you to add multiple task at once.

Click the green plus (+) icon to add a task. Click the green plus (+) icon multiple times to add multiple task Enter a Task Name for each row Click on the (+) icon to add a description Select the start and end dates Choose duration, priorty, type, access and extra options. Click “add” to add multiple task at once to the project.

Files Panel

The files panel list all the folders and files for the project. See core modules File Module for more information.