Calendar Hook

Available Since: v1.1 (September 2009)

The hook_calendar method opens a module class to make date-relevant data available to external code. While this is only used by the Tasks and Events module in Core, other modules - including Add Ons - could implement it also.

This method - and more importantly the hook_calendar method - returns a list of items specifying the following fields:


This hook is called by the calendar.php script to create the iCalendar feed for the system. In the Calendar Module, here are the methods of interest:

public function hook_calendar($userId)
    return $this->getCalendarEvents($userId);

public function getCalendarEvents($userId, $days = 30)
    $eventList = array();

    $now   = time();
    $nowFormatted = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $now);
    $Ndays = $now + $days * 24 * 60 * 60;
    $NdaysFormatted = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $Ndays);

    $events = $this->getEventsInWindow($nowFormatted, $NdaysFormatted, '0000', '2359', array($userId));

    $start = new w2p_Utilities_Date($nowFormatted);
    $end   = new w2p_Utilities_Date($NdaysFormatted);

    foreach($events as $event) {
        for ($j = 0 ; $j <= $event['event_recurs']; $j++) {
            $myDates = $this->getRecurrentEventforPeriod($start, $end, $event['event_start_date'], $event['event_end_date'],
                            $event['event_recurs'], $event['event_times_recuring'], $j);
             * This list of fields - id, name, description, startDate, endDate,
             * updatedDate - are named specifically for the iCal creation.
             * If you change them, it's probably going to break.  So don't do that.
            $url = W2P_BASE_URL . '/index.php?m=calendar&a=view&event_id=' . $event['event_id'];
            $eventList[] = array('id' => $event['event_id'], 'name' => $event['event_name'],
                        'sequence' => $event['event_sequence'], 'description' => $event['event_description'],
                        'startDate' => $myDates[0]->format(FMT_DATETIME_MYSQL), 'endDate' => $myDates[1]->format(FMT_DATETIME_MYSQL),
                        'updatedDate' => $event['event_updated'], 'url' => $url);

    return $eventList;

The calendar.php script will automatically call each active module’s hook_calendar method without any additional actions from the user.

Available Hooks

Hooks are how we provide access to specific features and functionality in a standardized way. While no hooks are required in your custom module, they’re generally useful.

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Available Since v1.1 (September 2009)

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