Calendar Hook

Available Since: v1.1 (September 2009)

The hook_calendar method opens a module class to make date-relevant data available to external code. While this is only used by the Tasks and Events module in Core, other modules - including Add Ons - could implement it also.

This method - and more importantly the hook_calendar method - returns a list of items specifying the following fields:


This hook is called by the calendar.php script to create the iCalendar feed for the system. In the Calendar Module, here are the methods of interest:

public function hook_calendar($userId)
    return $this->getCalendarEvents($userId);

public function getCalendarEvents($userId, $days = 30)
    $eventList = array();

    $now   = time();
    $nowFormatted = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $now);
    $Ndays = $now + $days * 24 * 60 * 60;
    $NdaysFormatted = date('Y-m-d H:i:s', $Ndays);

    $events = $this->getEventsInWindow($nowFormatted, $NdaysFormatted, '0000', '2359', array($userId));

    $start = new w2p_Utilities_Date($nowFormatted);
    $end   = new w2p_Utilities_Date($NdaysFormatted);

    foreach($events as $event) {
        for ($j = 0 ; $j <= $event['event_recurs']; $j++) {
            $myDates = $this->getRecurrentEventforPeriod($start, $end, $event['event_start_date'], $event['event_end_date'],
                            $event['event_recurs'], $event['event_times_recuring'], $j);
             * This list of fields - id, name, description, startDate, endDate,
             * updatedDate - are named specifically for the iCal creation.
             * If you change them, it's probably going to break.  So don't do that.
            $url = W2P_BASE_URL . '/index.php?m=calendar&a=view&event_id=' . $event['event_id'];
            $eventList[] = array('id' => $event['event_id'], 'name' => $event['event_name'],
                        'sequence' => $event['event_sequence'], 'description' => $event['event_description'],
                        'startDate' => $myDates[0]->format(FMT_DATETIME_MYSQL), 'endDate' => $myDates[1]->format(FMT_DATETIME_MYSQL),
                        'updatedDate' => $event['event_updated'], 'url' => $url);

    return $eventList;

The calendar.php script will automatically call each active module’s hook_calendar method without any additional actions from the user.

Extending the System

Hooks are how we extend the system by allowing you to connect into specific processes and actions in standard, consistent ways with minimal effort without modifying Web2project core. This ensures you can accomplish what you need and your modules remain compatible through Web2project upgrades.

Available Since v3.0 (September 2013)

  • Workflow Hooks (pre-create, post-create, pre-delete, post-delete, pre-load, post-load, pre-store, post-store, pre-update, post-update)

Available Since v1.1 (September 2009)

  • Calendar Hook
  • Cron Hook
  • Search Hook