v3.4 Release Notes

Release Date: 31 December 2018

Note: The primary focus of this release was to a) reach full PHP 7.x compatibility, specifically focused on PHP 7.2 or above and b) reach full MySQL 5.6 compatbility. All other aspects were secondary to those.

Downloading & Installing

The only official distribution site is Github. Check out the Installation page to get started.

Reporting Problems

For more information, support, or to discussion upcoming features, please visit our Support Forums.

Any and all issues discovered should be added to our our Issue Tracking System. Feature requests should be marked as such and not described as issues. Please remember to mark Feature Requests as requests and not bugs.

If you’re not familiar with submitting a bug, please read my post: How To Submit a Bug

New Features

Misc Changes/Improvements

Fixes/Bugs Closed

Open/Known Issues

System Metrics

There are some core metrics that may be of interest to the geekier among us. We generate these by using ‘phing metrics’ using the unit_tests/build.xml file: