SmartSearch Module


Module Overview

The SmartSearch Module in web2Project allows you to perform global searches for data throughout the system. The core of the module is hidden by default from the main menu, but its function is access via the Global Search.

To View The SmartSearch Module

At the top of most pages in web2Project you’ll notice a text box called “Global Search”. When you type data into this text box and hit enter or return the SmartSearch begins to function and will display your results within the module itself.

You can also enable the SmartSearch Module to be a menu idem via the System Administration > Modules.

Understanding the Interface

After you perform your initial search the SmartSearch Module will display the results for each module that has data related to your criteria.

For example, if you performed a search for the word “Training” lets assume that you have a project containing the word “Training” as well as Task or Logs. The module will display the results for each module it found containing the word Training on separate rows in the results page.

What happens if the module displays to many results? The SmartSearch Module allows you to narrow down your search criteria. On the results page you will notice three checkboxes followed after the search box.

You can specify words and even choose to only search specific modules; in addition you can perform an advanced search to narrow down your results even more.

When you click in the Modules Selection checkbox an array of checkboxes will appear. Click on the module you wish to narrow your search to.

When you click on the Advanced Search three more text boxes appear in addition to more options that include:

Simply choose your options and press the search button to perform your search.