Mantis Integration

Mantis Integration

Module Overview

This module provides a way for a user to raise issues within Mantis in relation to a w2p project.

This module is available for download here:

How does it work ?

Within W2P, you will find a Tab called Mantis when looking at a given project. For each W2P project, a Mantis project will be created (if it does not yet exist) when the first issue is added.

Creation of Projects in mantis can be automatic or by using a custom field within Web2Project. In case defined as automatic, Projects in Mantis will be created with a special name :

In case defined as Custom, Projects in Mantis will be created as follows : Based upon a Custom field such that the name can be given freely:

Now you have an additional field in your project definition where you can define the projectname for Mantis. Based on vanilla W2P:

If the system is configured to “Custom”, there is no use in activating mantis in the top menu bar, it will generate no results. In that case, only results can be expected when selecting the corresponding project tab.

On the tab all issues related to the project will be shown with the following information:

The summary actually is a hyperlink which takes you straight into Mantis to maintain the issue.

There is also a button which allows you to add an issue to the project. All you need to fill in is the Summary and the description. Upon saving the issue is stored in Mantis. The current W2P-user is checked by username in Mantis. If this person does not exist, a user record is created in Mantis. An email for direct access to Mantis with the password will be send to this user (if configured). The current project is checked and if it does not yet exists, it will be created. For the issue the following items are recorded :

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