Project Importer Module

Project Importer
CaseySoftware, LLC
CaseySoftware, LLC

Module Overview

This module provides a way for a user to import a project plan into web2project from Microsoft Project or WBS Gant Chart Pro v4.4.


  1. Within Microsoft Project, open your project as usual. In the File Menu, select “Save AS …”. Under file-type, choose “xml” and save your file.
  2. Within Web2project, select “Project Import” from your module navigation.
  3. Select “Browse”, select the file you saved in Step 1, and select “Import Data”.
  4. Your screen should now show a summary of the imported project with all the relevant Company, Project, Task, and Assignment information.
  5. If a matching Company was found, the Importer will automatically assign it. Alternatively, if there was no matching Company, you can choose one or allow the Importer to create a new one.
  6. Input a Project Name. If the imported name is already in use, the module will note it here.
  7. Assign the usernames who match your resources. Any users not mapped to current Web2project users will automatically be created in an Inactive state.
  8. Adjust the task assigments as necessary. By default, the percent allocations from the MS Project file will be used.
  9. Select “import” below.

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