Holiday Module

Jacques Archimède (Eureka)
Jacques Archimède (Eureka)
& D. Keith Casey, Jr (caseysoftware)

Module Overview

This module allows you to set the working time of your company and your users based on standard calendar for your country and your region.

This module integrates the PEAR Date_Holidays package library for calculating public holidays.


  1. To install this module, please follow the standard module installation procedure. Download the latest version from Sourceforge and unzip this directory into your web2project/modules directory.
  2. Select to System Admin -> View Modules and you should see “holiday” near the bottom of the list.
  3. On the “Holiday” row, select “install”. The screen should refresh. Now select “hidden” and then “disabled” to make it display in your module navigation.

Release Notes

Updated in 1.1

Updated in 1.0

Open Issues:

  1. No known issues.

Development Status

Additional Notes

The public holidays for a country is implemented as a “Driver”. The following drivers are available:

Some of these drivers are based on special drivers: