Installation / Getting Started

First of all Thank You Very Much for trying web2Project, a Free Open Source Web-Based Business-Oriented Project Management System. It’s a mouthful, we know.

Below you will find how to get started with web2Project. The advantages of using a web-based system to manage your projects will become clear to you specially if you need to handle large teams of collaborators all around the world. Alternatively, even if your entire team is four people in the same room, web2project can serve as a hub to keep your information centralized. Get ready for the feeling of finally getting grip over your life and getting everything that surrounds you into order.

To be clear, web2project won’t teach you how to manage a project. Instead it will enable you to apply the project management principles you practice to your specific projects.


First, web2project is not a desktop application, it is web-based. Therefore there is no executable file for you to run locally. This application runs on a web server and is used via a web browser. This allows for your team to share information regardless of operating system. Mac, Windows, Linux, Solaris, we don’t care.

Next, you need a computer with the following software configured:

Web Server with PHP

This is the software server that controls the web communication between the Web Host Server (Hardware Web Server) and each Web Client (user browser). All versions of web2project support ‘Apache’ (v2 or higher is recommended) and all versions since v1.2.2 (January 2010) have supported IIS 7 and above.

As of web2project v3.2, you must use PHP 5.3.8 or above but PHP 5.5.x is recommended in all cases.

Database Server

We are still attached to MySQL for the backend database server, but due to technical reasons web2Project requires at the very minimum to use MySQL v. 5.0 (or higher).

User Browser

We took in consideration all the major browser engines around and we took an extra step in providing visual and functional compatibility with the following browsers: Firefox 3.5 (or higher), Internet Explorer 7 (IE9+ is preferred), Opera 9.2 (or higher) and Safari 3 (or higher).

More information / Suggestions

A fully configured Apache-Mysql-PHP installation is called an “AMP stack”. Further, if it’s on Linux, Windows, or Mac OSX, this is called LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP respectively. If you’re not familiar with setting these up, there are packages that will handle most of the work for you. In the past, PHP configuration on IIS was the most difficult, but Microsoft has released a package called the Web Platform Installer which makes it almost effortless. If you’re using IIS, check it out.

If you’re looking for a hosting account to do all of this for you, Dreamhost is a good option.

While we try to help new web2project users as much as possible, we rarely offer debugging help LAMP/WAMP installations.

Creating a New Install

Upgrading an Existing Install

Converting from dotproject

Source: Pedro, original Support Forums - probably also earlier versions of w2p - some problems occurred in 1.2

Obtaining the very latest code from code development

Beware - this code is not for production use and only for use by developers who are willing to look at an error and offer fixes, suggestions, or cash. We prefer small denominations or unmarked bills, but let’s be honest.. we’re not picky.

If you are interested in the latest developments, try the Latest Development

User Guide

Movies are too fast? Then you will find a comprehensive User Guide here: web2Project User Guide

Thank you very much to Stephen Pierce for producing this work, and Bruce Bodger for taking the pictures in style.