User Administration Module

User Administration

Module Overview

The User Administration gives the administrator access to perform a number of important actions related to system users.

From the user admin module you can:

It is recommended by default that you disallow access to this module to basic users in the permissions or roles administration.

Active Users

The active users page displays a number of filters you can use to search or display information

The table in the center of the stage contains a number of columns.

User Information

Field Description
Icons Edit-Permissions-Delete
Login History Displays the history
Login Name User Name
Real Name Actual Name with email icon
Type Type specified in add page
Company Company for user
Department User department

Inactive Users

Inactive users are usually users who do not have a user role or permissions assigned to them

By default, when a user first registers in the system they are set to an inactive state. An email is sent to the system administrator and they must assign a role to the user before the user can be active.

See Permissions for more information

Add/Edit User Preferences

You can change the user preferences just as you can change the default user preferences for unregistered users.

Changing the user specific preferences will override the default user’s preferences.

To change the preferences for the user click on the yellow lock icon in the far left column. By default this will take you to the permission page. At the top of the window is a button to edit the user preferences.

For more information see Default User Preferences in the System Administration Module.

Add/Edit User

To Add a New User

To add a new user from within the user administration click on the “new user” button.

The Add user page contains a short form for creating a new user. After filling our the form fields you can mark the “Inform new user of their account details” to notify that user they are registered.

Keep in mind that users can register themselves by clicking on the “I want to register for a new account” link on the main login page.

After you create the user, you must remember to give that user a role or they will not be able to login.

To Edit an Existing User

To edit a user click on the notepad icon in the table on the stage.

You will notice this page has less form fields than the add user page.

Here you can change:

Do to security issues you can not change the password. If the user can’t remember his or her password it is best to have them click on the “help I have forgotten my password” link in the main login.

View User

Click the users login name from the user administration to access the View User page.

The view user page contains a table showing the users details. From this page you can:

User Log

The user log by default contains two calendars you can set to view the users login history. After setting the dates a table will display highlighting that users activity.

First Name Last Name IP Address Date & Time IN Date & Time OUT


Active Sessions is the last tab located in the user list page. Here you can end a user session or force the user to logout.

This helps when you have multiple users logged in at once and need to free system resources, or for security issues.